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Kerala, which is the Spices Garden of India, is the hub of products like Pepper, Cardamom, Ginger, Turmeric, Clove, Cinnamon, Tamarind, “Vanilla, Nutmeg ,Curry leaf etc. By working in harmony with nature we cultivate various bio diverse products without losing its balance. “

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Clove is one of the oldest spices in the world, is the dried, unopened flower bud of a small evergreen Clove is also highly recommended for making pickles ,ketchups, and several kinds of sweets Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are the main Clove producing states in India


Cardamom the Queen of all spices has a history as old as human race. It is one of the high priced spice in the world.Cardamom is grown in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It is the dried fruit. There are three grades in which Indian cardamom is well known in the International market, 'Aleppey green Extra Bold' (AGEB), ' Alleppey Green Bold' (AGB) and 'Alleppey Green Superior' (AGS).


It is a major crop cultivated in India and marketed as fresh and dried spice. It is a small grassy plant grown in all seasons throughout the year. Indian Ginger is famous for its flavor, texture and taste. More than a spice ginger is considered as a taste maker, a drug, an appetizer and a flavourant. Superior quality of ginger is produced from Kerala though it is popularly known as 'cochin ginger'


Organic Pepper, is mainly cultivated in Kerala,and we offer f two types; 'Malabar garbled' and 'Thalessary extra Bold'. Several processed form of green pepper are also available November r the harvesting season begins and ends in the month of February.
• Tell cherry: It is a high quality gourmet pepper with large and tasty berries. It's very big in size and does not take much of a time to mature. It is known for its strong aroma and pungent smell
• Malabar: Its aroma is sweet and fruity and is largely used in desserts and savories


Turmeric is the dried rhizome of a herbaceous plant. It is the most popular spice as a beauty aid. The spice is sometimes called 'Indian Saffron'. As a beauty aid turmeric paste prevents and cures pigmentation, maintains pH factor and makes skin glowing. Taken internally it purifies the blood. With all its unique properties, Indian turmeric is considered the best in the world.


A tropical evergreen tree, which reaches a height of 8-17 m in the wild. It requires a warm and wet climate with no extremes of heat and cold .Its inner bark is widely used as a spice and there are as many as 250 different varieties are found across the globe. Due to its distinct odour, it is widely used as an important ingredient of many mouth watering dishes of the world.

White Pepper

White Pepper is a popular variety of pepper, also known as pepper corn. White pepper is essentially the seed of the plant after the fruit is removed. The flesh of fruit softens and decomposes and is further rubbed for obtaining the seed. White pepper consists of the seed of the pepper plant alone, with the darker coloured skin of the pepper fruit removed.


Two main species of coffee are cultivated Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee, accounts for about 20 percent and differs from the Arabica coffees in terms of taste.


The nutmeg tree is evergreen, with oblong egg-shaped leaves and small, bell-like light yellow flowers that give off a distinct aroma when in bloom. The fruit is light yellow with red and green markings, resembling an apricot or a large plum Mace is a form of spice made from the waxy red covering which covers nutmeg seeds The Nutmeg tree is important for two spices derived from the fruit, Nutmeg and Mace. Mace is a strong aromatic, resinous and warm in taste. It is similar to nutmeg; however, it generally has a finer aroma than nutmeg. Mace is the ground outer covering (Aril) of the nutmeg seed.


Cocoa bean often simply cocoa and cacao is the dried and fully fermented fatty seed of Theobroma cacao, from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted. They are the basis of chocolate. The cocoa bean was a common currency throughout Mesoamerica before the Spanish conquest.


Pineapples may be cultivated from a crown cutting of the fruit, possibly flowering in 20-24 months and fruiting in the following six months